Services for your Toyota Vehicle(s).

Vehicle Dossier
Available soon.

Register to create a profile for your Toyota and get keep records of its service history. Follow the link to register your vehicle(s) by frame number to create your profile.

Complete Vehicle Diagnostics

Our workshop offers complete range of diagnostics on engine and vehicle electronics, sensors, and components. Have your vehicle diagnosed here in the workshop, or on the spot.

Engine Repair

Among sensor and component diagnostics, we offer various engine repairs. Schedule an appointment to discuss engine symtoms and possible solutions.

Electrical System Repairs

Diagnostics and repair of wiring looms and harnesses is possible and can save an otherwise working component from being needlessly replaced.

Service Maintenance

We perform regular interval fluids and filters changes along with brake pads, disk and drum replacements

OEM Factory Options Retrofit Upgrade

Chose stock options available on other Toyotas and we'll discuss best option to install it in your vehicle.

Accessories Mounting and Wiring

Whether you need a some flood lights on the roof, ham radio in the cab, or a fridge in the trunk,
bring it in and we'll wire it.